50 Cent Weight Loss And Looks Half His Size

An online frenzy ensued yesterday when 50 Cent took to social media to show his drastically slimmed-down figure in preparation for his upcoming role as a cancer patient in Things Fall Apart. The rapper posted two photos of himself in hospital gowns on Instagram and Twitter along with the caption, Look how skinny I am…..No its not AIDS lol #thingsfallapart. In one photo, the rapper looks skeletal while laying down on what appears to be an examination table with wires attached to his body, though it’s unclear which film the picture was taken from or whether the wires are just props in this case.

50 Cent Weight Loss Story

According to 50 cent weight loss story, it appears that much of his dramatic weight loss is due to a strict diet and exercise regime. The rapper has been open about his battle with obesity in recent years, making headlines when he turned up at 2008’s BET awards looking shockingly heavier than before. With his health problems attributed to a thyroid condition, he turned to intense exercise and a low-carb diet as part of an effort to lose weight. Now 50 cent weight loss story reveals that 50 Cent has shed over half his bodyweight, dropping from 230 pounds to 150 pounds over just two years. As a result, he looks dramatically different these days – more like an athlete than a celebrity rapper!

In fact, one commenter on 50 cent weight loss story remarked: He’s skinny now but if you saw him now and saw pictures of him from 5 years ago he’s not even remotely close to being skinny then. It sounds like 50 Cent is doing well on his new lifestyle plan though – losing weight for good means never having to say you’re sorry again. Hopefully we’ll see some more photos soon so we can compare what he looked like then vs what he looks like now…that would be interesting! I guess we should be glad that 50 Cent isn’t giving into society’s pressure (and expectations) for how a man should look. Men aren’t expected to have washboard abs or giant biceps so its nice that they can opt out without feeling pressured or ridiculed.

50 cent poses with fans after dramatic weight loss

Rapper 50 cent is enjoying a renewed career boost thanks to his latest role in film ‘Things Fall Apart.’ But he has revealed that he shed 50 pounds for his role in ‘Things Fall Apart’ – and fans have described him as half his size. The 36-year-old surprised fans by posting an Instagram picture of himself before heading off to begin filming on his latest project. In a caption accompanying a picture of himself posing with some adoring female fans, he wrote: They won’t let me take pictures but they will let me stand next to them….

Fans were astonished at how much weight 50 Cent had lost since appearing in Eminem’s music video for new single Berzerk over two months ago. 50 Cent has been working hard to get into shape ahead of his upcoming role in Things Fall Apart. The rapper posted a photo online showing off his dramatic weight loss after going on a strict diet. 50 Cent was pictured looking noticeably thinner than usual while wearing just a pair of blue boxer shorts and holding up two bottles of water. This comes after it was revealed that 50 cent would be playing cancer patient Noah Cullen in Things Fall Apart which is due out later this year. 50cent posted photos from behind the scenes while preparing for filming earlier today, sharing one image which showed him sitting down while getting makeup applied to help him look sickly ill.

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Update: 50 Cent After His Dramatic Weight Loss

‘I Want to Be Able to Climb Stairs’. I just want to be able to walk up steps without feeling out of breath, 50 Cent told reporters at a press conference in New York on Thursday, where he was promoting his new movie Things Fall Apart. He credits his weight loss to an intense new fitness regime and has vowed to keep it off by exercising every day for at least an hour. The rapper, who slimmed down from 230 pounds to 165 pounds by eating just one meal a day, also revealed that he’s set himself a target weight of 180 pounds – but says he is more concerned with increasing his muscle mass than dropping any more weight.

What does this mean for his health?

50 is already an incredibly fit guy, but 50’s transformation shows that he has a great deal of willpower and dedication to his health. A celebrity body like 50 Cent’s isn’t something you can achieve with a few weeks of dieting or even a couple months. It takes years of steady exercise and healthy eating to get yourself into that kind of shape—but it shows he doesn’t have just looks in mind when he’s dropping weight; he wants to be in peak condition for his role as a cancer patient. 50’s example proves that if you’re dedicated enough, losing 50 pounds (or more) really is possible. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen if you put your mind to it.
The numbers behind 50’s weight loss: 50’s reported current weight at 4’9 tall is 114 pounds. That means he lost 54% of his original bodyweight! That would mean he went from around 180 lbs down to 114 lbs—which seems extremely unlikely since 50 Cent was already pretty lean at 180 lbs. Since we don’t know how much 50 weighed before his dramatic loss, we’ll assume that 100 lbs is a good number to work with. To lose 54% of your starting weight means losing 108 lbs from 100, which would mean going from 200 down to 92!

People Are Already Wondering If This Is Real or Not

It’s hard to believe that 50 Cent was once considered chubby. The rapper who first gained fame with his debut album in 2003, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, has always had a muscular physique — but what he revealed on Instagram and Twitter is just unreal. With a photo of him in his underwear and asking if it looks like he lost weight, 50 Cent looks like an entirely different person. People are now wondering how he managed to lose 50 pounds since last year and even if it’s real. #50cent#50centnews

Fans Don’t Believe It, They Think it’s Fake

50 Cent’s drastic weight loss has taken fans by surprise. The rapper, who is rumored to be playing a cancer patient in his next film, posted several photos of himself on Instagram looking exceptionally thin. Although people are thrilled to see 50 looking healthy, some fans think he may have altered his appearance with Photoshop and are speculating that he’s having health issues once again. 50 had previously lost over 60 pounds back in 2013 due to health problems, but it seems like that’s not the case now after seeing how skinny he looks! 50 Cent revealed on Instagram that he dropped 50 pounds for a role as a cancer patient.

The rapper said I was 180 when I started, adding The only thing I did different was stop eating meat. 50 continued, It’s been 30 days and I lost 50 lbs. Fans immediately took to social media to express their shock at 50’s new look. Some thought he looked much healthier than before while others were convinced it was all just photoshop magic. In any case, we’re glad to see 50 looking better than ever!

Here are Some More Photos That People Are Wondering About

I feel better than I’ve ever felt, 50 Cent told People. It took me a long time to really understand what being healthy is. I thought it was about working out and looking good, but you have to eat right too. It takes time for your body to change and become healthy. – 50 cent weight loss pics

Final Words

After posting a slew of photos that showed him looking stunningly thin, 50 Cent is revealing how he lost 50 pounds in just over two months. The rapper’s fitness transformation came after his friend and fellow rapper Proof was diagnosed with cancer and died at age 32 in 2006. I said I’m going to get down to my fighting weight, he tells Men’s Health. I wasn’t inspired by watching people get sick; I was inspired by watching people die from it. We live in a country where a healthy life expectancy is only 68 years old for African Americans—that can be improved. That should improve.


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