Non Invasive Weight Loss Surgery

What is Non-Invasive Weight Loss Surgery?

By utilizing either the Stretta or the Reshape Duo Balloon, it is feasible to lose weight without having to resort to surgical procedures (or gastric balloons). In order to lose weight with non invasive weight loss surgery method, incisions or surgery are not required. These operations frequently result in less weight loss than less invasive therapies like the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, which has a high predisposition for weight return over time. As a consequence of this, these procedures are often less effective at reducing excess body fat.

At the Colorado Bariatric and Metabolic Center, we understand this, which is why we focus on providing minimally invasive weight reduction operations rather than non-invasive treatments, which may pose risks over the long term and are less likely to result in significant weight loss. Consequently

Best Place For Non-Invasive Weight Loss Surgery

A bariatric surgery team in the Northeastern United States performed the first procedure of its kind using a revolutionary device to shrink patients’ stomachs without making any incisions. This non-invasive weight loss method was discovered by the team, which led to the discovery of a revolutionary new method of non-invasive weight loss. StomaphyX can be used by those who have previously undergone gastric bypass surgery (TM).

First of its kind in the Northeastern United States, the non-invasive weight loss operation that was conducted by the bariatric surgery team at Mercy Medical Center in Rockville Centre, New York, was the first procedure of its sort in the region. The patient’s stomach was shrunk without any incisions due to a novel apparatus utilized throughout the treatment.

Shawn Garber, MD, Mercy’s Chief of Bariatric Surgery, is one of only five doctors in the United States who has been trained in the StomaphyX(TM) treatment for endoluminal gastric pouch reduction in patients who have previously undergone gastric bypass surgery. He is one of the only five doctors in the United States to have received this training.

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On July 18, five patients who were gaining weight due to the slow expansion of their gastric pouches due to their obesity each had a laparoscopic gastric bypass procedure performed on them. All of the patients’ pouches were able to get smaller after they underwent the innovative StomaphyX treatment.

Doctor Garber, who is in charge of the New York Bariatric Group, believes that this is an essential new alternative treatment option for the 15 to 20 percent of patients who gain weight after having bariatric surgery. This technique is less intrusive than others, carries a lower risk of complications, and shortens the amount of time it takes for patients to get back to their normal lives because it does not entail incisions to the abdomen or internal organs.

More than 2,000 weight loss surgeries have been performed by the specially trained personnel at Mercy, which has been recognized as a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence by the American Society for Bariatric Surgery (ASBS).

This, in the opinion of Dr. Garber, is the bariatric surgery of the foreseeable future. The endoluminal technique utilizes an instrument that is inserted through the mouth to reduce the size of the stomach. This reduces the risk of infection, preserves future treatment options, alleviates patient discomfort, and requires less time for recovery than open or even minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures.

At the free weight-loss surgery seminars that are held each month at Mercy Medical Center, prospective patients can learn more about the newest treatment, talk with bariatric experts, and hear from patients who have already undergone the process. You can get the additional information and sign up by dialing 516-62MERCY (516-626-3729).

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