Ralphie May Weight Loss Comedian’s Inspiring Journey

Ralphie may weight loss Story: ‘Ralphie May’: A Comedian’s Inspiring Journey to Losing Half His Weight. Obese comedian Ralphie May lost an incredible 450 pounds before his death at 45, and he did it without extreme dieting or grueling exercise programs. How did he do it? Well, he tried lots of different things before settling on the right combination of approaches, and these are the same techniques he used to keep off the weight in years since then. Want to know how you can lose weight like Ralphie May? Keep reading to learn more about the comedian’s inspiring journey to losing half his weight!

Lose Some Weight

If you’re overweight and obese, losing as little as 10 percent of your body weight can have a huge impact on your health. Going from 250 pounds to 225 may not sound like much, but it can lead to better blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels and fewer aches and pains. There are many ways to approach weight loss, but whatever strategy you choose make sure it’s one that fits into your life and helps you reach your goals—not just for losing weight but for living a long, healthy life. It can be easy enough if you follow these seven tips for losing weight . Stay mindful of portion control . If you eat too much food at one sitting, there is no way that it will all get used up by the time digestion is complete.

Before and After

ralphie may weight loss
ralphie may weight loss

Ralphie May was a classic morbidly obese guy, but that didn’t stop him from going on stage and cracking jokes. Even as he approached 800 pounds, Ralphie never stopped fighting his weight. It took him a while, but he managed to lose more than half of his body weight in a very short period of time—and it wasn’t easy. (He definitely had some help.) The world has lost one of its great comedic talents at an early age, but at least there are memories and lots of lessons learned in comedy legend Ralphie May’s journey toward better health.

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Here’s how Ralphie went from morbid obesity to a slimmer version of himself, with advice for anyone who wants to try something similar. He may have been funny on stage, but we all need someone who can make us laugh when we want to give up and quit. This is our story about how comedian Ralphie May battled his own demons, including eating problems and depression; sought professional medical help; discovered Dr. Oz’s green coffee bean extract supplements; found success with Beachbody programs like P90X3; and ultimately dropped nearly 400 pounds—with plans for more! If you’ve ever considered changing your life or just getting healthy, here’s proof that it can be done: if you’re willing to put in the work!

300 Pound Comedian

This is where Ralphie May’s weight-loss success story gets even more inspiring. Prior to shedding more than half his body weight, he was known as a 300-pound comedian. At just under 400 pounds, it was difficult for him to find venues and bookings that would fit him and his material. However, when he lost those 200 pounds over an 18-month period in 2004 and 2005, he found himself with a new lease on life—and a new career path. He continued performing standup comedy but also added movies and television appearances on shows like The Tonight Show and Conan because producers were attracted by his noticeable transformation.

His Strategy

You’ve got to have a strategy, Ralphie told Men’s Health in 2015. My plan was never, ever ‘I will lose 350 pounds by August.’ I had milestones along the way, but that wasn’t my focus. If I had said, ‘I will lose 30 pounds by April 1st, and then next month I will lose another 30 pounds,’ that would have freaked me out and ruined everything, he said. Instead I focused on small incremental changes—cutting out soda and fast food for instance—and telling myself it was OK if those things crept back into my life after a couple of months because my goal was long-term. That made it so much easier. The key is making your goals realistic and manageable, while still challenging yourself enough to keep you motivated over time. And don’t forget: It’s also important to celebrate your victories along the way! Remember how good it feels when you hit a milestone or lose a pound or run your first mile? Savor that feeling and remember what drove you to achieve them.

Make note of why they were worth celebrating—what they meant to you, both personally and professionally. Not only will celebrating help motivate you as an individual, but having something to look forward to can be an incredible motivator when working with clients or colleagues who are trying to reach their own goals. Whether its a new promotion at work or an upcoming wedding anniversary with their spouse, find ways to help them look forward to reaching their goals rather than focusing on what could go wrong if they fail. Keep them optimistic about what achieving their goal means for them personally as well as professionally!

Comedians Inspiring Journey

Ralphie May’s weight loss is something that a lot of people have been paying attention to for years. For example, many have taken notice of his journey, including Oprah Winfrey and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In 2007, Oprah even flew Ralphie out to Chicago and put him on stage at one of her legendary The Biggest Loser shows with all of her audience watching. Since then, Ralphie has told several media outlets that it was inspiring working with someone like Oprah who had experienced such great success in her own field; he said seeing how she motivated others helped push him through his own struggles. Additionally, Oprah reportedly shared a similar story about her mother. She explained that she got most of her drive from seeing how hard her mom worked to provide for their family when times were tough.

One of my favorite parts about Ralphie’s journey was when he talked about being overweight as a child and having classmates tease him relentlessly—but they didn’t know what else to do because they were afraid if they were nice to him he would invite them over for dinner! It took lots of hard work and dedication from both Ralphie and his wife Lahna Turner (who also lost 100 pounds), but their combined efforts have inspired millions across America since day one!

Inspirational Story About Life

Ralphie started his weight loss journey in 2009 after he reached 800 pounds. He was planning a comedy special at the time and knew that if he wanted it to be successful, he needed to make some changes. Ralphie started his diet by eating six small meals a day, which helped him drop down to 400 pounds. After that success, Ralphie began counting calories and dropped an additional 200 pounds over three years. When he decided that enough was enough, Ralphie decided he no longer wanted food to rule his life, so he stopped tracking every single thing that went into his mouth. This change led him down a path of weight loss and self-discovery until Ralphie had lost more than half of his original body weight.

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