There’s a Shortage of Several Fan-Favorite Girl Scout Cookies Right Now

Whether you’re a chocolate fanatic, a peanut butter enthusiast, or a lemon lover, the Girl Scouts of America have a cookie option for just about every kind of dessert preference. However, cookie season hasn’t been so sweet for everyone.

While the selling period kicked off in January, online ordering opened on Feb. 27, and unfortunately, not all of the popular cookie options are available to customers.

AllRecipes reports that many popular varieties, including Samoas, Toffee-Tactic, and the all-new Raspberry Rally, are unavailable online in many parts of the country.

Multiple cookie fans have similarly reported on social media that they have been unable to find their favorite Girl Scout treats.

“Unreasonably upset that Girl Scouts Samoas (caramel deLites) cookies can’t be shipped ,” one person tweeted. Another Twitter user wrote, “Is there a reason the toffee-tastic one is in person only? Would love to buy that one.”

Of all the flavors, the new Raspberry Rally may be the hardest to find. The Girl Scouts produced just a limited quantity, which are only available online. According to The Oklahoman, the fruit-flavored cookie sold out within hours of launching this week in the Midwest. WBNS-TV adds that boxes of the limited-edition cookie, which normally cost $5, are now being re-sold for up to $100.

Strong demand isn’t the only reason for the shortages. Back in December, the Girl Scouts announced that Little Brownie Bakers (LBB), one of the organization’s chief cookie suppliers, was experiencing national supply chain disruptions. While the Girl Scouts assured customers that this would not affect the cookies sold in-person, it did note, “supply chain disruptions will impact digital cookie sales—which are shipped directly from LBB to the customer.”

Then in January, Girl Scouts shared in a press release that LBB reported projected inventory shortages, which “will impact select councils’ timing of their local cookie sales.”

Suppliers vary by region, so Girl Scout troops in certain parts of the country may experience the shortages more acutely than others.

This isn’t the first time there has been a Girl Scout cookie shortage. Last year, the organization’s new cookie, Adventurefuls, were in short supply because of their high demand, as well as COVID-related labor shortages.

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